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Wayman Gresham Publicly Shames Public Shaming

Shaming your child in public?  Who does that?

I love this man but how widespread is this video shaming of one’s kids?  I saw Chris Cuomo with Allison Camerata on CNN commenting on this video and the importance of love. Absolutely. Your children must know without question that you love her. BUT, and I’m sure Cuomo would have agreed, one of the ways our children know we love them is to set the proper boundaries. Love and discipline go hand in hand.

 I’m all for catching our children when they are doing something morally good or doing something well, like building a fort or crafting a walking stick. But I’m all for correcting them when they sin or fail. Love encompasses and requires discipline. Scripture portrays the good father and the Good Father this way. See Rev 3:19; Deut 8:5; or Heb 12:6.  “The Lord disciplines the one he loves, and he chastens everyone he accepts as his son.”

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