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Analysis: Two Years After McCarrick Investigation Began, Report Not Yet in Sight

On October 6, 2018, the Holy See announced a review of its files and archives pertaining to Theodore McCarrick, the former Archbishop of Washington, D.C, who is now laicized and living in disgrace, a known sexual abuser who has offered no public words of repentance.

Since the Vatican’s investigation began:

—The longest government shutdown in U.S. history began and ended.

— Lori Loughlin, TV’s beloved Aunt Becky, was arrested, charged, tried, convicted, and imprisoned for bribing her daughters’ way into college.

— Notre Dame Cathedral caught fire, burned, and is now being rebuilt.

— Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, had a baby, quit the royal family, moved to L.A., and signed a deal with Netflix.

— A global pandemic swept across the globe, locked down nations for months, crippled economies, and killed more than 1 million people.

In the same timeframe, here’s what has not happened: The publication of the Vatican’s report on Theodore McCarrick, his rise to power, those who aided him, those who looked the other way, and those he harmed.

The report, by many accounts, is completed. It has been rumored frequently to be on the verge of publication. But it remains unpublished.

This means that if clerics in Rome or the United States were complicit in McCarrick’s misdeeds, their complicity goes apparently unacknowledged and unaccounted for.

That if there are as yet unrecognized victims of McCarrick, they might still be living unheard, or God forbid, or unhelped.

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