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Prayer Promotes Bonding, Study Says.

Servant of God, Fr. Patrick Peyton, is famous for the slogan, “the family that prays together, stays together.”  In our books, our radio program and counseling practice, we strongly recommend both couple and family prayer as a way of increasing intimacy and responding to the differences that can divide.  Of course, this isn’t just true [Read More...]

Can A Bad Marriage Kill You? Study Says, “Yes, and A Good Marriage May Heal.”

From Science Daily The affairs of the heart may actually affect the affairs of the heart in ways previously not understood.”Growing evidence suggests that the quality and patterns of one’s social relationships may be linked with a variety of health outcomes, including heart disease,” says Thomas Kamarck, professor of psychology and Biological and Health Program [Read More...]

Kids with Strong Bonds to Parents Have Better Relationships with Peers & Are More Adaptable

From Science Daily-Mind/Brain News. What social skills does a three-year-old bring to interactions with a new peer partner? If he has strong bonds to his parents, the child is likely to be a positive, responsive playmate, and he’ll be able to adapt to a difficult peer by asserting his needs, according to a new University [Read More...]

Putting Faith to Work Linked to Job Satisfaction.

(H/T PsychCentral) Regular attendance in a church that stresses faith as a component of work is associated with high job satisfaction and employment commitment. Baylor University sociologists discovered the influence depends in part on how involved that person is in the congregation, not merely on occasional attendance. “We already knew that about 60 percent of [Read More...]

Marriage After Baby: Simcha Fisher Interviews Dr. Greg

Simcha Fisher, blogger extraordinaire and author of The Sinners Guide to Natural Family Planning is working on a piece for Our Sunday Visitor Newsmagazine on the marital changes that occur once a baby arrives on the scene.  She emailed to ask for an interview.  By happy coincidence, Lisa and I just turned in our upcoming book, [Read More...]

Yeah! The Summer Issue of Tender Tidings E-Magazine is Out!

Check out this terrific (and free!) Catholic parenting e-magazine from More2Life Radio contributor, Kim Cameron-Smith!  It’s chock full of practical, inspiring and interesting ideas to make your  Summer more grace-filled and enjoyable!  Check it out!  Oh, and my Q&A column starts on page 25 if you want to skip to the extra good bits Seriously, Kim [Read More...]

Marriage Matters

MarriageOfTheVirgin“Then the LORD God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man.  The man said, “This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called ‘woman,’ for she was taken out of man.”  For this reason a man will leave his father a…

Both Controlling & Indulgent Parents Have Higher Risk of Chemical-Abusing Kids

Remember that the other day I noted that neither children from more authoritarian homes nor children from indulgent homes really feel that their parents really care about them?  This study really drives this point home.   (The original study was in Spanish and the translation isn’t great so I’m cleaning it up a bit.  Hence [Read More...]

The Four Components of Wisdom

I think most of us would like to be wise, or at least hope to become wise one day.  But I wonder how many of us could articulate what wisdom really looks like.  I suspect most of us know wisdom when we see it, but how many of us would be able to articulate the [Read More...]

Enough with the Naysaying–You CAN Make Your Marriage Last A Lifetime

Sociology professor, Pepper Schwartz, has a rather depressing piece in CNN titled, Lifetime Marriage a Crapshoot.    It reflects on the fact the the biggest percentage increase in divorces is among people over 50.  It used to be that people felt that if you made it to 25 years, you were home free.  Not any more.  Althought [Read More...]

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