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Catholic in America: 2014: What hast thou wrought?


The Michigan Catholic

December 26, 2014

Al Kresta

It’s late December, and the close of another year. Of what have we been concerned, and what have we learned, in 2014?

Torture: Senate Democrats recently released a report criticizing the CIA for using “torture” to extract information from detainees. The debate revolved around the definition of “torture.” The debate is an old one.

World War I, the “Great War,” experimented with new destructive devices: machine Continue Reading

St. Nick Visits Ave Maria Radio

December 4, 2014

Winter Membership Drive – December 1-5, 2014


November 26,  2014

Join us for the 2014 Winter Membership Drive, Monday through Friday, December 1-5, from 8 am to 5 pm each day as we continue the work of the New Evangelization.  Our continuing theme is Build the Church, Bless the Nation.

You can pledge online here: http://www.avemariaradio.net/support/donate-now/

Or call: 1-877-288-1077.


Catholic in America: Beginning to restore the divided Church of Christ


The Michigan Catholic

November 26, 2014

Al Kresta

“Reformation Day” is celebrated by Protestant Christians on Oct. 31. As a former Protestant pastor, I use it to thank God for the disciplines of Scripture study, personal prayer and evangelism that I learned in Protestant circles. In time, however, questions forced upon me as a pastor made me reconsider the wisdom of the Catholic Church and the nature of the Protestant Reformation.

I asked myself: “Would Luther, Calvin, Zwingli, or Henry VIII now regard Continue Reading

Catholic in America: Was the Reformation good or bad for Christendom?


The Michigan Catholic

November 14, 2014

Al Kresta

What Americans do on Oct. 31” would make a fun documentary or feature comedy.

For most Americans, Oct. 31 is the playful “trick-or-treat” Halloween we all loved as children. A smaller number of observant Catholics still observe All Hallow’s Eve, or the vigil of All Saints Day. Some Protestant fundamentalists and Pentecostals warn against “Halloween” for fear of opening oneself up to demonic influence. Toward the end of the 20th century, a tiny number of Celtic neopagans and Wiccans decided to reinvent Oct. 31 as the allegedly pre-Christian pagan holiday of Samhain. But for a significant number of serious Protestants, it remains “Reformation Day.”  Continue Reading

Ave Maria Radio on Youtube

October 31, 2014

Catholic in America: JPII feast day recalls Church-led ‘bloodless revolution’


The Michigan Catholic

October 30, 2014

Al Kresta

On October 22 I celebrated St. John Paul II’s feast day with my radio listeners. The liberation of Eastern Europe came up and I was back in 1989-91. I hadn’t thought I would outlive communism and the Cold War. To friends I’d joke that Sally and I named our first two children Alexis (1981) and Nicholas (1984) just in case the Russians took over. “See, comrades, both our first-borns have Russian names.” It always got just a few laughs. But, lo and behold — ding, dong, Soviet style communism was dead just like the wicked old witch.

Back in 1989, however, my listeners were ho-hum about the faith bubbling Continue Reading

Matthew Shepard – An Al Kresta Interview with Stephen Jimenez

October 24, 2014

Catholic in America: They’ll know we are Christians by our love


The Michigan Catholic

October 16, 2014

Al Kresta

A Protestant leader coordinating mission projects for Southeast Asia told me that “division and disunity among Christians” was undermining his proclamation of the Gospel. Two years before, Pope St. John Paul II declared the same in “That They May be One.” Protestant or Catholic, disunity sabotages evangelization.

The hostile reaction to Cardinal Dolan becoming grand marshal of the 2015 St. Patrick’s Day Parade is instructive. Was this prudent? Good Catholics disagree. How we Continue Reading

Cosby – An Al Kresta Interview with Mark Whitaker

October 7, 2014

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