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Teresa Tomeo on The Catholic View for Women

June 16, 2011

Join Teresa Tomeo, Janet Moranna and Astrid Bennet Gutierrez as they discuss various issues of concern to women in the Catholic Church.

Dr. Ray Guarendi on EWTN’s Bookmark

May 29, 2011

Doug Keck interviews Dr. Ray about his book, Marriage, Small Steps, Big Rewards.

Teresa Tomeo on The Journey Home

May 10, 2011

Dr. Ray Guarendi on EWTN Live

March 10, 2011

Blessed Advent and Merry Christmas


December 20, 2010

By Al Kresta

As 2010 draws to its close, I want to thank you and let you to know just how effective your prayers and financial support have been for Ave Maria Radio. This has been a challenging year of careful stewardship and continuous improvement. More and more people are being reached with the Gospel of Christ and the teaching of His Church. Here are a few highlights…

We currently produce over 20 different program titles at our studios in Ann Arbor-nearly 50 hours of original Catholic radio each week-offered at no charge to all Catholic radio Continue Reading

Teresa Tomeo on EWTN Live

December 3, 2010

Join Teresa Tomeo, Janet Moranna, Astrid Bennet Gutierrez and Fr. Mitch Pacwa as they discuss various issues of concern to women in the Catholic Church.

Nick Thomm to Cover Narnia World Premiere

November 12, 2010

Do You Know the Mind of Christ on Immigration?


Kresta Commentary

May 14, 2010

By Al Kresta

Christians are disciples of Christ. The word “disciple” means literally, “learner” i.e., a follower, pupil, or adherent of a teacher or religious leader. Claiming to be a disciple when you think you’ve got nothing more to learn is just plain dumb and shows you’ve got a lot to learn. Scripture teaches that when a disciple is fully trained he will be like his Teacher. Catholic disciples, i.e., learners, are followers of Christ who teaches them through His Body, the Church. So what has Christ taught on immigration? Do you know the mind of Christ on immigration?

I think the first response might be “Can I even know the mind of Christ on Continue Reading

The Catholic Church and Sexual Abuse


Kresta Commentary

April 20, 2010

By Al Kresta

Part One: Why 64% of Americans Believe Catholic Priests are Perverts.

A new round of reporting on Catholic clergy sexual abuse in Europe has generated a new climate of revulsion toward the Catholic Church. In spite of, I suppose some would say, because of, all the media attention, however, the public has a grossly distorted picture of clergy sexual misconduct. No one denies that great evil has been done by the likes of John Geoghan, Paul Shanley, John Birmingham, and Marciel Maciel Dellgado and a thousand others. Not to mention the shocking neglect of authorities like now Bishop John B. McCormack Continue Reading

Fr Riccardo Appeals to the Truth (Video)

April 19, 2010

Fr. John Riccardo recorded this message during our 2010 Spring Membership Drive to encourage your support of Ave Maria Radio.

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