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Power From the Pews

Power From the Pews – October 11, 2014: Pregnancy Aid

  • Description: Peggy interviews Nancy Antor & Suzie Stockman on how Pregnancy Aid came to be and their roles. for more information on the Pregnancy Aid Center visit the website at http://pregnancyaid.com/main/ or call 313.882.1000

Power From the Pews – October 4, 2014: Medjugorie

  • Description: Peggy interviews Michelle Holder & Bob Marcarelli on how Medjugorie changed their lives.

Power From the Pews – September 27, 2014: Call to Holiness

  • Description: Peggy asks young people a variety of questions on Jesus, confession and much more at the break out youth session at the Call to Holiness conference

Power From the Pews – September 20, 2014: Patrons of the Vatican Arts

  • Description: Peggy interviews Johh Hale about the organization Patrons of the Vatican Arts in the Vatican and Candian Artist Timothy Schmalz about his mission creating sacred art, in particular, his latest sculpture "Homless Jesus". Elizabeth Hale age 11, announces her campaign to bring "Homeless Jesus" to Detroit. For more information on Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican visit the website at http://www.vatican-patrons.org/ or call 313-565-8888. To get more information or see Timothy Schmalz art work visit his website at http://www.sculpturebytps.com/

Power From the Pews – September 13, 2014: Wells of Hope - Ted Van Der Zalm

  • Description: Peggy interviews Ted Van Der Zalm on his time Africa and Guatemala and how he started Wells of Hope. to learn more on Ted's ministry and Wells of hope Visit the website http://www.wellsofhope.com

Power From the Pews – September 6, 2014: Pine Hills Camp

  • Description: Peggy interviews Debbie Herbeck and many young women from Pine Hills Camp in Jackson, Michigan. for more information on Pine Hills Camp visit their website at http://pinehillsgirlscamp.com/

Power From the Pews – August 30, 2014: Tip Quilter

  • Description: Peggy interviews Tip Quilter on his role as an executive coach and his role in the program "Called and Gifted" and the Catherine of Siena Institute. For more information on all of this visit http://www.siena.org

Power From the Pews – August 23, 2014: Beth Collison - Mary's Mantle

  • Description: Peggy interviews Beth Collison on how she started Mary's Mantle a safe haven where expectant mothers can fully realize their potential as children of a loving God. For more information on Mary's Mantle visit their website at http://marysmantle.net or call them at 248-376-5338

Power From the Pews – August 16, 2014: Cathrine Lanni

  • Description: Peggy interviews Cathrine Lanni about her encounter with Christ and how the Divine Mercy Center in Clinton Township Michigan came to be. For more information on Cathrine Lanni and the Divine Mercy Center visit their website at http://www.sjdivinemercy.org or call them at 586-777-8591

Power From the Pews – August 9, 2014: Bob & Mariam Smentowski

  • Description: Peggy interviews Bob & Mariam Smentowski on their role in the Our Lady of Good Council RCIA program. Our Lady of Good Council is located in Plymouth Michigan and for more information on any of these programs you can call the parish office at (734) 453-0326 or visit their website at http://www.olgcparish.net/

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