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Power From the Pews

Power From the Pews – December 6, 2014: The Millennial Generation Speak Out

  • Description: Peggy interviews John Paul Andree a former member of the Air Force special forces who now is working on his MBA degree and John speaks on the spiritual challenges his generation faces.

Power From the Pews – November 29, 2014: Holy Family Hospital

  • Description: Peggy interviews Katie Griffin-Hand, Executive Director of the Holy Family Hospital Foundation and the work done by Holy Family Hospital in Bethlehem. For more information or to donate visit the website at http://www.birthplaceofhope.org/ or call the Foundation at 202-785-0801

Power From the Pews – November 22, 2014: St. Nicholas Institute

  • Description: Peggy interviews Santa Fr. Joseph Marquis & Santa Jerry Owens about the St. Nicholas Institute which is a multi-day seminar designed to empower candidates with the tools needed to convincingly portray both St. Nicholas and the "elfin" Santa Claus in a wide variety of venues; whether religious or secular. For more information visit the St. Nicholas Institute website at http://www.stnicholasinstitute.org/

Power From the Pews – November 15, 2014: St. Catherine of Siena Academy

  • Description: Peggy interviews Marita Ladosenszky(Executive Director) and two students Jenna & Ashley Rogers from St. Catherine of Siena Academy on the value of a Catholic Education. for more information on St. Catherine of Siena Academy visit their website at http://www.saintcatherineacademy.org/

Power From the Pews – November 8, 2014: James Littleton

  • Description: Peggy interviews James Littleton, author, speaker and life coach and is a stage 4 cancer survivor who endured great suffering in his battle with the disease and considers the struggle a blessing. for more information on James' work visit http://formingfaithfulfamilies.com/

Power From the Pews – November 1, 2014: Chosen

  • Description: Peggy interviews Judith Jones, Sandy Garver and Biz Willamson on a new confirmation program for teens called Chosen. Chosen is going to change the way we pass along our precious gift of the Catholic Faith to the next generation. Designed to offer teens a life-changing experience as they journey through their Catholic faith in all its richness and vitality, the goal is nothing short of winning over the hearts of teens and making them lifelong disciples of Christ. for more information on Chosen visit the website at http://confirmationstudy.com/

Power From the Pews – October 25, 2014: Dr. Bob Fredricks

  • Description: Peggy interviews Dr. Bob Fredricks on how he started a prison ministry threw the Order of Malta. For more information on the prison ministry visit the Order of Malta's website at https://orderofmaltaamerican.org/

Power From the Pews – October 18, 2014: Divine Mercy in Lourdes

  • Description: When a very sick person dies and returns to God, it is spiritually referred to as the "ultimate healing". It is not the healing that most pilgrims traveling to Lourdes, the famous Marian shrine in France seek. Lourdes has been the source of some 7,000 claimed physical recoveries and 67 medically and ecclesiastically approved miracles. When the Order of Malta takes over 50 sick people or "malades" to Lourdes on an annual pilgrimage, there is always the hope they will experience a miraculous cure. In over a quarter century of Malta pilgrimages, despite severely ill malades making the trip, all have returned home. Jim Long, a malade from Florida, returned to God. The drama of this extraordinary and inspiring pilgrimage is related in detail by his courageous and faith filled wife, Donna Long, as jims death evidence of Divine Mercy.

Power From the Pews – October 11, 2014: Pregnancy Aid

  • Description: Peggy interviews Nancy Antor & Suzie Stockman on how Pregnancy Aid came to be and their roles. for more information on the Pregnancy Aid Center visit the website at http://pregnancyaid.com/main/ or call 313.882.1000

Power From the Pews – October 4, 2014: Medjugorie

  • Description: Peggy interviews Michelle Holder & Bob Marcarelli on how Medjugorie changed their lives.

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