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Power From the Pews

Power From the Pews – July 5, 2014: Joey McCoy & Rachel Herbeck

  • Description: Peggy interviews Joey McCoy and Rachel Herbeck about the youth ministry I.D 916: The i.d. stands for our identity as intentional disciples of Jesus Christ. The 916 is from 1 Corinthians 9:16: “If I preach the gospel, this gives me no ground for boasting, for necessity has been laid upon me. Woe to me if I do not preach the Gospel.” Every disciple is personally called to holiness and mission. Both the Great Commandment—to love God and neighbor—and the Great Commission—to go make disciples—are at the heart of what it means to be a disciple. Young adult ministry cannot simply rely on social events and activities but must provide a discipleship process. This takes place through formative teaching and within relationships of accountability, for the purpose of bringing believers to spiritual maturity in Christ. Our response requires intentionality and commitment. For more information on I.D. 916 visit their website at http://www.id916.com/

Power From the Pews – June 28, 2014: Debbie Herbeck

  • Description: Peggy interviews Debbie Herbeck on her conversion and her many ministries. For more information on Debbie's ministries visit http://www.renewalministries.net

Power From the Pews – June 21, 2014: Gloria Whelan

  • Description: Peggy interviews Author Gloria Whelan on her many books and her extraordinary life.

Power From the Pews – June 14, 2014: Peter Mongeau

Power From the Pews – June 7, 2014: Dr. Ray & Fran Bauer

  • Description: Peggy interviews Dr. Ray & Fran Bauer on their dynamic presentations they give in parishes on Theology of the Body. For more information on their ministry call 313-885-8855 or check the St. Paul on the Lake website at http://www.stpaulonthelake.org/

Power From the Pews – May 31, 2014: Kathleen Chisholm McInerney

  • Description: Peggy interviews artist and author Kathleen Chisholm McInerney on her book Timothy's Glove and the story behind it. For more information on Kathleen and to obtain the book go to http://www.timothysglove.com/

Power From the Pews – May 24, 2014: G. R. Dulac

  • Description: Peggy interviews GR Dulac a junior at U of D Jesuit high school and he discusses his experiences at the Washington D.C March for Life, his views on the Catholic faith, the culture and how Catholic teenagers can keep their faith growing up in a very secular environment.

Power From the Pews – May 17, 2014: Monica Von Berkum

  • Description: Peggy interviews Monica Von Berkum, a high school student, on her experiences at the March for Life 2013.

Power From the Pews – May 10, 2014: Steve and Janet Ray

  • Description: Peggy interviews Steve & Janet Ray on their conversion and their many ministries. Steve and Janet Ray are the writers, producers and hosts of the Footprints of God video series. Steve is the author of five books, of which three are best selling books with Ignatius Press. Steve also speaks around the world and is a guest on many radio and television programs. . In 1994 the Rays with their four children converted from Evangelical Protestantism to the Catholic Church. They began research and exploration in the Middle East starting with their conversion to the Catholic Church in 1994. Since then they have visited the Middle East and Europe over 100 times exploring, writing and filming in Israel, the Palestinian territories, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Greece, France, and Italy. So far they have completed seven of a projected ten-part documentary series: Moses, David/Solomon, Mary, Jesus, Peter, Paul and Apostolic Fathers. They are currently working on Abraham.

Power From the Pews – May 3, 2014: The Cross and The Light (Kelly Nieto & Kenny Watson)

  • Description: Peggy interviews Kelly Nieto on how the musical The Cross and The Light came to be and Kenny Watson who plays Jesus. To learn more about The Cross and The Light and to purchase tickets visit the website at http://crossandlight.com/index.php/component/content/frontpage

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